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OSI Alarm System for Home Security (Gen 2)11 piece. DIY, Touch Screen, Motion Detection, Contact sensors, Wireless Siren, Remotes, Phone App, Compatible with Alexa, Continuous Updates,NO Monthly Fees

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  • Interactive Set-up Wizard – The wizard guides you step-by-step through the entire setup so your alarm system is configured correctly.
  • Next level Interface Design – Our sleek HD 1024 x 600px anti-finger print touchscreen offers a responsive enhanced UI user experience.
  • Continuous Updates – Maintain peak performance with regular, complimentary updates.
  • Resilient Sensors – Contact sensors outperforms our previous gneration alarm system with design, antenna, setup, and dual batteries for superior signal transmission and penetration.
  • Multiple User Access Levels – Features (2) administrator accounts with full access and (2) user accounts with limited access. Perfect for Airbnb , renters, guests or children who you want to lock out of system settings.
  • Scalability – Your security, your way: Scale up easily with room for up to 160 sensors, 6 controllers, 6 doorbells and 6 keypads!
  • 24 Hour Back-up Battery – Experience uninterupted security with our Wi-Fi alarm system’s 24 hour back-up battery.

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Redesigned from the inside – out (Self Monitored DIY Alarm System)

Introducing our revolutionary DIY Self Monitored 2nd Generation OSI Smart Wifi Alarm System – a cutting-edge security solution meticulously crafted to redefine your safety standards, and still…with NO MONTHLY FEES! We’ve overhauled the entire system, starting with a lightning-fast Robust OS and Software, ensuring seamless performance at every turn. Our larger 7″ super high-resolution display, offers crystal-clear visuals that empower you with unmatched clarity. The OSI Alarm System Gen 2 features a wizard that simplifies the setup process and an impeccably organized menu, configuring your system has never been easier. The backup battery offers a reliable 24-hour lifespan, while our advanced alarm sensors, lasting up to 5 times longer, ensure minimal maintenance. Enjoy the flexibility of our built-in stand, allowing you to choose between wall mounting or convenient placement on side tables or bookshelves. Plus, with the addition of a built-in siren and a cable-free wireless strobe siren that plugs directly into electrical outlets, your security setup boasts both functionality and a sleek, clutter-free aesthetic. Experience superior security, effortlessly tailored to your needs. Due to being a self monitored system you don’t pay the monthly fees that alarm systems require. Put yourself in the drivers seat and be the one to make the decision as to whether to call the authorities or not. *We recommend purchasing one or more of our Wi-Fi cameras which use the same smart life app. This way when the alarm is triggered and sends a notification, you can check your live feed or motion captured video to see what is going on in your property and whether or not you need to call the authorities or not. Please check below for our array of Wi-Fi cameras!

  • PERFECT FOR HOMES, SMALL BUSINESSES, APARTMENTS & CONDOS (AIRBNBS): That’s why the OSI Wifi Alarm System is best overall for renters precisely because, it’s simple, super affordable, it’s easy to install, and it does its job. Take down and set up your system in less than 30 minutes. Spend less time dealing with unsightly wiring and more time actually getting work done!
  • *USE WITH 2.4GHZ WI-Fi ONLY!* This product is compatible with 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi Networks. If your internet is currently configured for 5Ghz only, please contact your internet provider to request them to split the signal so both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz are both available. You can also split the signal yourself through your internet providers app (i.e. Google Fi app, Shaw Home app, My Telus App, MyBell App). Some new smart routers, such as Telus use only one network name for both signals and will automatically connect your device to 2.4Ghz.
  • PURCHASE INDIVIDUAL ACCESSORIES to expand this system with more contact sensors for your door or window, or more wireless strobe sirens (accessories will be available when you see it on this page).
  • MULTIPLE USER ACCESS LEVELS: The new OSI Smart Wi-Fi Alarm System introduces multiple user access levels, including two administrator accounts with full access and two user accounts with limited access. This feature is perfect for Airbnb hosts, families with children, or anyone needing to grant restricted access. It ensures secure interaction for guests and children while maintaining the system’s integrity. Enjoy tailored user permissions, enhancing the system’s flexibility to meet your specific needs.
  • USE WITH OUR WIFI CAMERAS FOR ULTIMATE SECURITY!: Pair our new Smart Security Cameras with the self monitored OSI Smart Alarm System for seamless control and monitoring through a single app on your smartphone! When the alarm is triggered you can now to a visual check to see whats going on inside or outside your home or business to confirm whether its a false alarm or if you need to contact the authorities. Explore the OSI Wi-Fi Cameras below for more details!
  • SUPPORTS 10 LANGUAGES: English / Netherlands / Spanish / Russian / French / Polish / German / Italian / Portuguese / Chinese
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